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What is the importance of Venus in Astrology?

Venus is devoted to the positive task of merging and uniting different forces, feelings and entities to ensure the completeness of things to create harmony and restore stability. It is Venus that causes the creation of love for others and for the beautiful feelings and things, cooperation, relating to others.
Since Venus denotes love and affection it symbolizes all the qualities that are connected to these emotions and reactions in a native: Personal magnetism,Love and romance,Beauty and sex,Dance and other forms of recreations,Wealth and knowledge,Relationships,Social urges,Artistic acumen,Creativity,Attraction,High moral values,Sensuality and lust,Bonding energy,Love for money,Merger of hearts and soulsHowever, in the physical body, Venus rules: The Urinary Tract,The Kidneys,The venous system and the blood,The Larynx,The throat, andThe general physical appeal and sexual magnetism.As for physically observing Venus, It is not very difficult to find and recognize the morning star in the e…

Jupiter, The King of Gods!

It gains its prominence and status from it being the largest of all the planets in the Solar System; this is also borne by its astrological significance. Jupiter symbolizes an expansive tendency in both the spiritual and physical aspects: Mind and wisdom: It expands the knowledge of the native to high levels of the philosophy and super conscious realms and also Vedic astrology,Physical horizons: The expansion in this case is achieved through gaining weight or having a large build and through undertaking long journeys and gaining knowledge.Jupiter in astrology Due to its optimistic and generous disposition, it has been equated to a Santa Claus of the Cosmos but when it is in the hard aspects it can easily make you: Exhibitionist or a showoff,Extravagant,Boastful and conceited.
Hard aspects The hard aspects of Jupiter can be related to: The Sun,The Moon,Mars,Venus, orWhen in the hard aspects Jupiter creates: Conflict,Changes,Resistance,Resolution of the hard aspect results in the release and…

Mercury! The Planet of Personality and Consciousness

Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun. Its symbol represents all the three symbols that are used in astrology, The cross manifestation of the Earth,The circle of spirit, andThe uplifted crescent depicting an elevated personality.CharacteristicsIt is neither a feminine planet nor a masculine one and has the habit of reflecting everything that it comes across; that is why it is said that it is Silver. The amount and complexity of your consciousness is directly proportional to the number of aspects that you have with mercury; the more the aspects, the higher will be your personality and consciousness. The closest aspect is of vital importance since it is the need of reflective mind to have more aspects to be able to expand. The attention of the native remains focused depending on the positioning of the houses. It is the receiver of messages from god to human beings while also serving as the internal link that communicates between our personality and the innermost soul; moreover, …

Mars! Masculine Planet in Astrology

It is stated that Venus and Mars display qualities that are diagonally opposite to each other but the similarities between them are too many and too identical to ignore; in fact, scientists conducting high level of research into the history, atmosphere and evolution of Mars and Venus call them identical twins. The observation of the atmospheres of both Mars and Venus exposes the fact that the atmospheres of these planets are being eroded and stripped away into space. This also gives rise to the belief that mars might have supported life somewhere in the past. CharacteristicsMars is the red planet and these are the attributes of a masculine planet in all his fury; it symbolizes confidence and courage. For the choice of an occupation, Mars represents the martial nature of the native and it is connected to The Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, Builders and Engineers. Militancy and Marketing are also under the influence of Mars. A short tempered and argumentative nature is the common trait …