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Moon! The Planet of Love

The Yin and Yang principle holds true for the solar system and the universe in general; for all negative or derogatory entities, there is also the existence of a counter; that is the law of balancing that holds sway in this universe. The Sun is the life-giving divine spark that ignites the matter for the creating of life but that too requires a Yin for its Yang – a counter to its act of creation. That role is taken over by the Moon that complements the creation of life by nurturing and nursing the life that grows.
The Planet of LoveThe moon is the loving receptacle that receives the offerings of the basic spark that is the matter of which all beings are composed. That is the reason why the Moon is always exalted in Taurus, the reasoning being that Taurus is the zodiac sign for material, substances, receptive nature and even the season of spring since that is the season for producing seeds and flowering and blooming life. Since the Moon represents motherly affection and care, it is also k…

Sun! Symbol of Divine Spark

The Sun is the center of our Solar System in more ways than one; life on Earth is created due to the heat produced by the sun and the continued sustenance is also due to its energy-giving heat.
The Solar systemThe Sun is the core of the Solar System that includes all the gravitationally controlled bodies like the planets, comets, moons, asteroids etc; the word Solar  is derived from the Roman God, Sol and is similar to Helios the Greek god of the Sun. The Vikings had another theory that forecasted the birth of a daughter to the son and the birth of another luminous body. It is also supposed to be the centre of the Solar System and influences the movement of all the planets that revolve around it owing to its massive gravitational pull.
Mythology and AstrologyThe Sun has been described in Vedic astrology as the soul of every person. In Hindu mythology and astrology, Surya is the god that symbolizes the divine spark in each of us since it happens to be the premier astrological entity in our…