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Lama Fera.............A divine Buddhist Healing Technique for Handling Spirits and Negative Energies

LAMA-FERA is a very powerful healing system which has been practised by Tibetan Lamas for Hundreds of years. The word “LAMA” means teacher the Sanskrit word “GURU” The word “FERA” means “ROUND” or more specifically around (the body) with the energy of Lord Buddha.
LAMA-FERA is considered as the fastest and the most effective healing technique for physic problems. It removes the spirits / negative energies / evil eye from the person and the offices, shops, factories etc. It removes pressure of thoughts and increases the vital energy of the bodies. The Energy of Lord Buddha is channelled through the Healer and directed towards disease or illness. This system of Lama Fera can help in increasing spiritual abilities, relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic disease, removes unwanted spirits, overcome fear, anxiety, stress and help you connect with higher self.
The Lama Fera can be practiced with the help of 12 symbols which cannot be revealed and as they use to benefit …